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Rserving iBar Interactive Bartender SimulatoriBar - Interactive Bartending Simulator

HomeThe iBar Simulator Software gives you the feeling of being behind a real bar! Practice with all different types of alcohols, garnishes, glassware, juices, and top-shelf liquors available.

Why the iBar?
Simulate the pressure of making perfect drinks with out the need to buy expensive ingredients. The iBar is a fun online environment that allows you to hone your bartending skills from the comfort of your own home.

Several Ways to Play!

Four Different Level Packs
  • iBar Pack 1 - Highballs
  • iBar Pack 2 - Sour and Two Liquor Drinks
  • iBar Pack 3 - Cream and Specialty Drinks
  • iBar Pack 4 - Martinis, Shaken and Stirred
Endless Mode
  • Non stop play!
  • Complete as many drinks as you can before the timer runs out.
  • Show your skills as a bartender to work under pressure.

Drink Library
Each Level Pack adds drinks to your drink library. Practice and Master your customers favorite drinks!

IBar Demo Video
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